Posted on: Oct 17, 2017

Please be informed that due to the 2-day class suspension declared by MalacaƱang yesterday and today (October 16 & 17), we will follow the new schedule below:

October 18-20, 23-25: Regular classes

October 24: HS General Information Quiz Bee Finals

October 25: Living Rosary (PS to HS)

October 26-28: Mastery Test 2 for 2nd Quarter (Details of the new exam schedule will be given to the students.)

November 8-10: PS Spelling, Math and Reading Contests

MS and HS Club meetings which are supposedly scheduled next week will be cancelled to give way to the new exam schedule.

Thank you and please be guided accordingly.

School Calendar

CJPS Hotlines
Preschool: (02)586-92-16
Elementary: (02)652-04-03
High School: (02)652-37-87