7th Parenting Seminar

Posted on: Jan 17, 2018

In a fast paced environment we all live in nowadays, which is driven by the continuous development in our country and technological breakthroughs, we realize that some of these changes have also brought negative effects on us. Living in a digital world indeed has its own pros and cons.

As parents, we deal with stress and pressure in different ways. Some of us are more adept to it than others. Likewise, our children are at times exposed to the same issues. With the constant bombardment of information and sometimes unrestricted social media access, they also become susceptible to anxiety and stress, which if not addressed could lead to harmful or risky behavior.

Child Jesus of Prague School is once again blessed to have an expert to help us answer the question of “How can I manage my own stress and learn to understand and reduce my child’s stress level as well?” Our guest speaker, Dr. Carmela B. Encarnacion, has been practicing Psychiatry for almost thirty (30) years. She is a fellow of the Philippine Psychiatric Association, a Medical Specialist IV at Rizal Medical Center and an active member of a family ministry. Below are the details of her talk:

TOPIC:           “STRESS and DEPRESSION: What Is It?”

DATE:              January 20, 2018

TIME:              9:30am – 12:00nn

VENUE:          CJPS New Building

Note: Kindly bring with you a pen and a notebook.

The seminar is FREE of charge to all CJPS Parents, but slots are limited and seats in the venue will be on a first come, first served basis.  As an added incentive for attending this seminar, you and your child will be given the following:

  1. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all parents who will be able to attend at least five (5) seminar sessions for the entire academic year.
  2. Best Class Award – each time you attend a parenting seminar, the section to which your child belongs, earns significant points to be declared as the Best Class at the end of each month.

Finally, please be reminded that the distribution of the third quarter REPORT CARDS will only start after the seminar has ended.


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