Admissions Information


A. Pre-school (Nursery and Kindergarten)

1. Submission of Birth Certificate

B. Preparatory to Grade One

  1. Submission of Final Form 138 (Report Card)
  2. He/She must pass the written and oral examination

C. Elementary, High School and Senior High School (SHS)

  1. Submission of Final Form 138 (Report Card) duly signed by the principal.
  2. Satisfactory deportment grade.
  3. A final general average of at least 82% with no grade below 80%.
  4. He/She must pass the entrance examination.
  5. Certificate of Junior High School Completion (SHS Only)
  6. NCAE Results (SHS Only)

D. Fees and Payments

* Tuition and other fees are posted at the Business office of the Administrative Services during the enrollment period.
* The school through the Business office has devised the following payment plans to help ease the financial burden of parents/guardians.

1. Plan A – CASH
2. Plan B – Semestral
3. Plan C – Quarterly
4. Plan D – Monthly (applicable only to Grades I-VI and High School)


* Graduation fees are determined by the current cost of materials.
* Any certification requested from the business office is issued upon payment of the fee and released after 2 days from the date of request.
* Parents and students are advised to keep their official receipts for any payments made.
* For more details contact the Elementary Department: (+632-6520403).

E. Form

Kindly fill-out the Application Form and submit together with the required documents.


  • ABM– Accountancy, Business Management
  • STEM– Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • HUMSS – Humanities and Social Sciences


Policy on Refund and Withdrawal of Child

Period of withdrawal Percentage of total amount due for the year to be charged to withdrawing student
Before the opening of the school 10%
Within 1st week of classes 20%
Within 2nd week of classes 30%
After the 2nd week of classes 100%

Note: By total amount due for the year, we mean the total tuition and fees for the School year. Notice of withdrawal must be done in WRITING. There are no refunds for Registration, Reservation and Testing fees.


1. The elementary graduates of Child Jesus of Prague School are given the following scholarship if they enroll for High School.

First Honors…………………………………….. 100%
Second Honors…………………………………… 50%
First Honorable Mention………………………… 30%

2. Non-CJPS students (for freshmen)
A Non-CJPS Elementary graduate who is applying for the freshman level may qualify for a scholarship after undergoing a screening process. They must meet the requirements set by the school.

School Calendar

CJPS Hotlines
Preschool: (02)586-92-16
Elementary: (02)652-04-03
High School: (02)652-37-87