Our athletic programs are specifically designed to handle the community’s range of interests and needs. We encourage our students from Grade 4 to 4th year High School to participate actively in a wide range of sporting activities. We usually open our try-outs and select our athletes on the first month of the school year, just before the start of the athletic season of school tournaments which usually starts in the month of July. CJPS Teams are entered in competitions organized by sports associations and competes with other schools such as De La Salle Zobel, Xavier School, UST, Lourdes School, NU, International School of Manila, British School of Manila, Colegio San Agustin, Faith Academy, Brent International School, Assumption College, Miriam College and others. For those who are unable to make it to the team roaster, we offer sports club membership that meets once a week to allow our students to lead active lives and continue to hone their God-given talents.

Our goal is for all of our students to leave CJPS with a lifelong appreciation for fitness.

Specific Programs:

Basketball – Teams are fielded in each age group from Under 11’s to High school. Practice sessions are held twice a week for each team. Most games are played on a weekend.

Volleyball – We have teams for both High School girls and boys. Training is held twice a week and season commences on the 6th week of the school term.

Badminton – The team meets twice weekdays for training inside the school campus and every other Saturday at a PVC court. Training starts on the 2nd quarter of the school term.

Chess – Our chess team meets twice a week after class for training and practice. We participate in a one-day Inter-School tournament is usually held on a weekend.

Association Membership:

Metropolitan School Sports Association (MSSA)
Inter-Scholastic Sports Association (ISSA)

Other Tournaments:

Binangonan Private Schools Association (BIPRISA)
Hardeman Basketball Challenge (Faith Academy)
Dan Landry Invitational Volleyball Tournament (Faith Academy)

Each association and tournament provides the opportunity for our elementary and high school students to experience competition at a higher standard with the independent schools at top class venues.

School Calendar

CJPS Hotlines
Preschool: (02)586-92-16
Elementary: (02)652-04-03
High School: (02)652-37-87