High School

CJPS High School: A Well-Crafted Avenue of Your Child’s Success

Every child is exceptional. This belief drives Child Jesus of Prague School to persistently seek for that spark of unique talent in each child. To bring out God’s gifts in every child and to guide him utilize those abilities for the common good, is what our mission is all about.

The CJPS High School program stands on a solid academic foundation. It is both firm and flexible. No matter how much change is necessitated by the standard curriculum, we cope with ease. As we respond to the inevitable demands of the times, our foundation is left unwavering. Our solid ground remains. Excellence.

Consistent outstanding performance ratings in Government examinations, high admission rate of graduates into prestigious universities and a curriculum that is parallel to international standards (APSA survey, 2007) are only some of the indicators that the High School Department is not just your ordinary high school.

CJPS has topped the National Achievement Test for the fourth year high school students from the very first year the said test was administered. Among the many private schools around, we are number one in Binangonan and number two in the whole province of Rizal. Likewise, one hundred per cent passing rate has consistently been evident in the National Career Assessment Examination given to third year students.

Moreover, the actual flesh and blood of the School, its core curriculum, is firmly rooted on the School’s vision. Approaches and methodologies of delivering this exceptional type of education are occasionally restructured and adjusted to fit various types of learners, thereby ensuring effectiveness. And to make this work, teachers continuously undergo rigid training, mentoring and monitoring. Day by day, lessons are executed in accordance to the School’s uncompromised standard, eventually turning every classroom into a haven of vast and meaningful learning.

Inasmuch as we seek and work for our students’ outstanding academic performance, so do we allow them to explore the various fields of extra-curricular activities. From different sports to the diverse forms of the performing arts, social activities and spiritual exercises, our students are provided with plenty of opportunities to find and develop their inimitable inclinations. Also, it is through these that our children are known to demonstrate their ability to practically translate classroom-learned theories and information into real-world circumstances. Ultimately, they turn out to be individuals of substance and discipline. Indeed, a well-rounded individual defines the School’s guaranteed product.

The challenges of the educational reformation in the country with the advent of the K-12 system takes the School’s dedication to its mission into new heights. This transition pushes CJPS to move towards a definite direction, that is, farther forward. What we undertake to meet its demands, is no less than a big leap to sharpen our well-established standards of excellence. With this, our students are envisioned to readily claim and own a future of brighter opportunities.

The CJPS High School Department, with its strongly founded program and ardently dedicated work force, is the concrete training ground for your child. We commit. We deliver. We build a culture of success.

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