October- United Nations Month

Posted on: Oct 4, 2017


           October marks the end of the first half of the school year. By this time, your children have gained a lot of new skills that nurture their holistic development and help them become more independent. All these play an important role as CJPS endeavors to help your children become critical thinkers and responsible members of our community.

           Also this October, the Preschool Department will celebrate United Nations month.  Here, your child will experience different classroom-based activities that will focus on the arts and culture of various countries from Asia. This aims to enable your child to learn the value of respect for cultural diversity and to appreciate what makes each culture unique from one another.  As a culminating activity on October 27, students will create an artwork inspired by our discussions on the places, people, food and animals from Asia.

           Finally, October is also the Month of the Rosary. As such, all Catholic students are expected to participate in the daily prayer as we show our love and devotion to Mama Mary.

Grade School

          October is the month of the Holy Rosary, which highlights our devotion to Mother Mary. This festivity will lead to inculcating in the hearts of our Catholic students that Mary and Jesus are with us as we journey through the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. The emphasis of the celebration is the Living Rosary.

         This is also United Nations’ month. One of the objectives of Child Jesus of Prague School is to continuously promote awareness of global issues among its students for them to have a sense of realization of what is truly happening around us. With the theme, “Ganda ng Pilipinas Tuklasin ng Mag-anak, Turismo at Kaunlaran Ating Iangat,” the Grade School Department aims to instill in our students together with their families the appreciation and sustainable tourism for development. This eventually enables them to learn the value of appreciation and awareness of our rich heritage. Through the said objective, more emphasis will be given by exposing your child to the different classroom-based activities that focus on the various arts and cultures of the different countries that influenced ours. 

Middle School

         We have so far culminated the English month in which our students have been able to appreciate communication skills as a significant path for family solidarity. Love for reading has also been empowered through our annual book fair.
This month, Child Jesus of Prague School will once again give unity and solidarity an emphasis as we celebrate the Araling Panlipunan Month. With the theme “Pambansa at Pandaigdigang Kamalayan ay Buksan; Pagkakaisa sa Pamilya ay Simulan”, our students will be helped to analyze various social, national and global issues and their impact to their lives as individuals and as a family. This will be done through different classroom-based activities.
Finally, as October is regarded as the month of devotion to the Holy Rosary, Catholic students are expected to participate in the daily prayer as we show our love for Mama Mary. The annual Living Rosary activity will culminate all the events for this month.

High School

          The main objective in celebrating United Nations is to impress upon the young minds of our students that in diversity, unity can be achieved through acceptance and appreciation of cultural differences. Through the Araling Panlipunan Department, various social, national and global issues will be highlighted in class discussions for the month of October.

Guided by the theme “Isyung Pantahanan Ating Tugunan: Susi Tungo Sa Organisadong Pamayanan”, classroom-based activities will focus on the how the family, the basic unit of society, impacts our national identity, which consequently affects our global standing. These will be tackled through meaningful activities such as Team Debates, Quiz Bee, Trivia Presentations, Short Skits, Jingle and Bulletin Board Making Contests.

October is also the month of devotion to the Holy Rosary. Roman Catholic students are expected to participate in the daily prayer as we show our love for Mother Mary. This will be culminated by the Living Rosary on the 27th of the month.

Lastly, students from Grade 10 to Grade 12 are encouraged to partake on the upcoming seminar entitled “DEVELOPING NEXTGEN LEADERS” by Mr. Francis Kong, a renowned inspirational speaker. This event will take place on October 14, 2017 from 9:00am to 5:00 pm at Le Pavillion, Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City. Please see attached leaflet for more details.




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