Clearly, the preschool years are very important. Research tells us that the first 6 years of a child’s life impact his learning potential for the rest of his life. A day in the life of a preschooler is predicated in a way that every aspect of his being will be equipped with the skills necessary to live a successful life.

A typical day of an excited four to six-year old child in the school begins as soon as he enters his second home, his classroom. He then chooses an activity to do; he completes a puzzle, reads storybooks, forms structures with blocks, bricks or clays or plays with educational toys. The class starts when the teacher or the teacher aide calls him and his classmates to gather in a cozy corner of the room and are led to sing a song, recite a poem, or share an experience about a given theme or to listen to a story

Thirty minutes after the free-choice activity and Morning Meeting, it is time to hone his intellectual aspect. His communication skills are developed as he first learns the sound each letter makes so he can form words; he then tries to put the words together to make phrases and sentences.

Throughout his experience, the child develops the small motor skills he needs to write legibly and his auditory and visual skills necessary for learning to read. In Math, he learns how to count and to solve problems. He likewise enjoys topic-related activities and marvels every time he accomplishes one. The child expresses himself and shows his creativity through music, movement and art exercises, which also gives him time to interact with his classmates.

But the preschooler, gifted with talents and skills, learns to do everything for God’s greater glory. Through spiritual exercises, his fundamental relationship with God is developed along with nurturing relationship with fellow human beings and appreciating other creations.

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