President’s Message

Dear Parents and Students,

For more than 30 years, Child Jesus of Prague School has remained true to its mission of providing students with high quality education. Guided by the principle of “One Vision, One Mission”, all teaching and non-teaching staff of the school have dedicated themselves to tirelessly serving each child for this purpose.

Throughout the years, teachers have exceeded their primary role as educators and have often acted on their higher calling of being the second parents of students. Their passion for teaching is driven by the inspiration and thought that each child has the capacity to overcome his weaknesses and reach his full potential. But as the common saying goes, “You cannot give what you do not have”, faculty members spend countless hours in training themselves to serve as living inspiration to their students. Such is the culture inside the school; such is our commitment.

Key to the institution’s many accomplishments is its undivided attention to the achievement of its goals. The burning passion to work towards the holistic development of the Filipino youth who embodies faith in God and moral values, intelligence that surpasses national standards, physical discipline, love for country and its people will continue to be the school’s guide in its pursuit of excellence.

Our unwavering commitment to our students and parents 30 years ago, now and in the future will never falter. This is because our mission and calling has always been to fulfill God’s will and this shall always surpass personal gain and ambition.


Alvin Peter A. Aprecio
CJPS President

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